Jocasta of Incest: Modern Relations And Influences

Jocasta has inspired three present-day terms/products. All three of these modern refrences relate back to the actionsincest that she performed.

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Jocasta Complex Syndrom

Today, Jocasta has a mental disorder named after her: Jocasta Complex. This disorder refers to the tendency of certain mothers to seek certain actionssex with their male offspring at a later age.

Futurama's Philip J. Fry

Philip J. Fry (the story's main protagonist and character)
Matt Groening is a childrens' cartoon producer. He produced the legendary works of Futurama. In particular, Season 4, Episode 10 (titled "Roswell that Ends Well") features a certainan incest scene originally inspired by Jocasta.
(Grandma) Mildred in her prime youth
In this scene, Philip J. Fry (the protagonist of the story) gets into a flying time machine spaceship, and falls in love with his grandmother named Mildred Fry (a supporting character). The story climaxes when the canary magically carries over a new babby into Mildred's arms.Fry impregnates Mildred. Further, Fry and Mildred are unmarried. This is a reflection of Jocasta's story because Joasta had to give up marriage with her former husband (who was conviently dead) in order for Jocasta to get married to her son Oedipus. Similarly, Fry had to risk ostacism from his fellow freinds in order to have sex with his grandmother. The conclusion of the Futurama story is the same as the conclusion to Jocasta's story: everyone eventually gets over it and moves on with their life. In Futurama, Fry gets back in his spaceship time machine and heads forwards into his native year-3000 habitat when he belongs, and there are no further consequences or reprocussions from the fact that Fry is his own grandfather. This incestodd love scene was so touching that the episode of Futurama won the 2002 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Jocasta's Group: Weddings And Special Events

Jocasta Weddings and Receptions is a buisness stationed in Europe that aims at providing high quality weddings for upper class people. Jocasta Resorts appears to be an alias for Jocasta Weddings and Receptions. The difference is that the term "Jocasta Resorts" is generally used moreso in the context of marrying an inlaw at the Jocasta Group buisness. The website owned by the Jocasta Group that goes under the title "Jocasta Resorts" can be found at this link on blogspot.

Evidently, the company has undergone some major changes in renaming. However my access to the Jocasta Resorts blogspot was blocked because there was a red warning label stating that you must be over 18 years of age to enter the website. Being under 18 years of age, I chose not to enter the website.
However, I did find images from other websites that appear to go under the title "Jocasta Resorts." Most of these images appear to be indirect advertisements for the Jocasta's Group. Jocasta Resorts appears to be a nice warm, welcoming, and inviting place to visit (aside from the disgusting incest, that it). Maybe you will visit Jocasta Resorts some day (possibly with a close family member if you like disgusting incest like Jocasta).