Forces And Gravity Interactive Online Demonstration

I have created this handy tool for curious students and the public in general. Enter in your weight and jump height on earth. Then, this tool calculates how much you would weigh and how high you could jump on other plants.

Your mass on earth: kilograms
Your jump height:       centimeters
Planet Gravity (m/s2) Your Weight Your Jump Height LD50* (Distance) LD50* (Duration) Your Mass

*Sun, Juppiter, and Saturn: Neither the sun nor Juppiter nor Saturn have solid surfaces because they are completely composed of gasses. These figures serve to represent what it would be like to stand on the surface of a planet with an equivelent mass.

*Pluto: Pluto is not a planet. It has been demoted to the rank of a planetoid.

*LD50 = Lethal deceleration 50%. The sec, so that when you then hit the ground at this velocity (decelerate to zero from this velocity). This number has been approximatly 14.5 m/s2. However, this number is INCREDIBLY arbitrary because this demonstation bases it only off the planets gravity, whereas in reality it would be based on the hardness of the surface you hit, (most importantly) how you hit that surface, the air resistance, and countless other factors.

	LD50: 			NASA
	Planetary Gravity:	NASA
Compatibility: Works in IE5+, looks best in IE8+