Kaspersky Application Advisor Utilizer program (KAAU)

What is this?

This allows you to utilize the huge kaspersky data-base to scan files on your computer for viruses. After you install this, there will be an option when you left click on files that says, "Malware Check." This button will allow you to view what kapersky knows about the file by opening the file up in your browser. Also, this software allows you to check even big files very fast. This software is provided as is. If you are a person from kaspersky, then this is very important: all this software does is take stress off your network by check-summing files locally on the clients PC to give people access to checking files larger than the 5MB upload limit you enforce without taxing your or their network.


Click Here To Download

This software is optimized for 64 bit computers, and will not work on 32 bit computers. To check which one you have, you can just run the program and see if an error box pops up. Don't worry, the error box poses absolutely no threat to your computer, all it does is it tells you that this program cannot ever run on your current PC's architecture. Or, you can check which type of computer you have here (click this link), or by just searching windows how to check computer architecture.

Help With Various Errors

If you recieve an error trying to install it saying something about nsis, then make sure you have not changed the name of this program you download, then download this batch file (click here), put the batch file in the same folder as the other program file you downloaded, and run the batch file. If you recieve a different error trying to install it, then your computer simpily isn't compatible with this program. If an error box pops up when you try to scan a file, then the issue might be that your default browser is not set right. To fix this, you can install Chrome here (click this link) if you don't have it already. Then, open up your chrome browser to this webpage, and click on this link (click here), or if that doesn't wotk because of ironic 'security reasons', then you can type chrome://settings without quotes or spaces or anything else into the very top bar and press enter. Then, goto Default Browser and click Make Chrome my default browser.

Special thanks to: GNU (Cygwin) - For their great checksum program Kaspersky - For making their database free for the general public