Excel Spreadsheet Tools And Utilities

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Custom Spreadsheet Sorter

Get the raw HTML representation of an Excel Spreadsheet via the clipboard

Excel Spreadsheet Tools And Utilities

This online utility gives you the power to sort spreadsheets based on complex mathematical formulas that can also test the contents of the surrounding cells.

You may be concerned about security and whether this site will secretly make a copy of the spreadsheet on the server to steal your private information. There is no need to worry about this security threat because this tool is 100% client side (under the philosophy that client-side workload distribution is the future of the web whereas laggy server side driven (cloud) APIs are an annoying artifact of the past). Obviously, anyone who would blindly trust this website saying that it is secure would be an idiot because humans are very capable of lying. Thus, rather thanasking you to blindly trust this website, this website instead requests that you confirm it for yourself: right now, turn off your internet connection of your computer (either by unplugging the LAN cable, turning off WiFi, or disconnecting from all currenty connected networks) and don't turn the internet on your computer back on until you are done using this utility page and have closed out the browser tab. Because you have no internet connection, there is no possible way whatsoever for this site to connect to the server because that requires an internet connection (an internet connection that you do not have). As mentioned above, this webpage is 100% client side, meaning that it will function exactly the same whether or not you have an internet connection.

To use this neat tool, please follow the steps below.

  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet you want to sort, then open this copy of your spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click or select any cell/column/row/chart/whatever in the opened spreadsheet to make sure that the spreadsheet window is focused. Then, press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C. This will copy the entire document as rough html onto the clipboard so that in the next step, you can transfer this data over to this website.
  3. Click or tap on the box here as if you were going to paste text into it. Then, you will recieve further instructions.

Excel Spreadsheet Raw Html

Get Raw Clipboard HTML Data

1. Ctrl+A in the spreadsheet, then press Ctrl+C in the spreadsheet

2. Select the input box below, press Ctrl+V