PI 10 Billion (in a plain text document)!

This is a handy tool for those of you ho need Pi to 10 billion dugits, but do not have a machine powerful enough to generate it and/or the patience to wait for it to generate. This is the first 10 billion digits of pi that come after the '3.', and its all ready for you to veiw (in base 10!) as soon as your bowser loads it which may take a very very very long time. The digits are from piworld.calico.jp/estart.html. But, thankfuly I formatted the files with my own custom program (you can download the x64 version here (source-code), and you use it by extracting the digits you downloaded from piworld.calico.jp/estart.html (optinaly you an combine any number of them together (one way is to use 7zip's wim archive and editing the wim archive with the HxD text editor)), then renaming the file and extension to pi_in.txt, and putting your pi_in.txt file and the program you downloaded in the same folder, then running the program) to remove the line-numbers, spaces, and new-line (enter-button) characters (letters) to save space and to make the digits more use-able by programmers and techies. Please note that the digits are provided as-is.

Click Here To Veiw The Digits (may cause your browser to freeze up!)

The file is too big for any of my text-editors

This is very normal. The best way to open a file this big without lag and without a crash is by using the epic HxD text editor (there is an otion for disabling the hexadecimal veiwing).