Google General Question Search Refiner

The Problem: A few years ago, my middle school teacher told me that her students were having problems forming their questions that they wanted to search on the web. The problem was that the students were using conversational language in their searches. I developed this tool for them.
The solution: I created this tool to convert conversational language into search-engine language.
This neat little tool helps you generate the perfect search, so you can find what you are looking for. To use, enter in a general broad question that you would ask in normal everyday conversation and then press enter or click search. A few important notes are as follows. You can put things like Sylvester Stalone into quotes like "Sylvester Stalone" to prevent changes to it. It also converts slang like u to english like you. It also stems the words you enter like, for example, it changes puppies to puppy.

Enter your general conversational question here:

How am I gently baking a nice pie?
Special thanks to: Pos.js for an amazing english database and sentence splitter. Snowball.js for an amazing word stemming algorithim. Typo.js for an amazing english spelling checker and corrector.