What Is Free Will And How Do We Explain It

3/26/2016, massive edit 2/13/2017

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This is an article that aims to provide an insightful interpretation/elaboration on the Law Of Conservation Of Energy. The Law Of Conservation Of Energy states

For any system closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the mass of the system must remain constant over time, as system mass cannot change quantity if it is not added or removed. Hence, the quantity of mass is "conserved" over time.
If all you see are words on a page, but you don't understand what they mean, then just think of it like this. If really want something to appear like that fancy sports car of your dreams then it will never just pop out of thin air no matter how hard you want it to. Addittionally, because this article is a bit blunt, if you are a theist then this article might offend you, so take caution. I hope you'll find this article to be a real eye-opening expeirience.

Free Will?

We have marveled at our ability to be self-aware for milenia. It allowed our civilization to develop so far. But, what if our perception of free will is just an allusion adapted by natural selection to make humans more fit to survive? What if we don't actualy have free will, and the whole of reality has been predecided. For example, since before the moment of creation, The Big Bang, you were pre-destined to be reading this article at this exact time in this exact way. Well, thats what this article is here to explain. It may be quite a perverse and controversial idea, but, according to newtons laws, it its the truth.

When you get right down to it, all humans really are is just a chain of chemical reactions. Its just that this chain of chemical reactions is extremely long and complex, but notwithstanding because we live in a predictable universe, that chain of chemical reactions (no matter how long it is) must occur in a predictable, as in the transfer of energy between each atom percise, way. So, to say that we have free will is to say that chain of chemical reactions must have multiple different ways it can occur, when if fact that is not true according to the law that prevents you from making things pop out of thin air. For a middle school level example of this, if you mix chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na), you get salt (NaCl), not gold. You can predict how the chemical reaction of sodium and chlorine will occur. Infact, according to the Law Of Conservation Of Energy, if you could measure each atom, then you would find that you can know exactly what each atom will do next, and in successive moments after that. We (humans) are very much the same in that we live in the same universe as that chemical reaction of chlorine and sodium. So, our human chain of chemical reactions must occur in one one way, like the chemical reaction of sodium and chlorine, just that one way and thats it.

So, how does this relate to us being pre-destined before The Big Bang? So, humans are just a predictable long chain of chemical reactions, so why shouldn't the entire universe be the same way. Well, thats what i am here to explain: that the whole of reality is just as fated as humans are. What I am implying is that the way the whole universe will play out was predecided before The Big Bang. Everything is just a chain of chemical reactions that form reactions and then larger reactions out of smaller reactions all working together into the thing that is our universe. And, all of this was decided before The Big Bang where there may be different laws of physics or no laws at all, but nethertheless everything was in some way predictable. The universe, and even the whole of reality we live in is all pre-decided.

So, everthing is confusing: how do we explain how everything would suggest free will? Well, theres no simpiler and easier way than me just stating and explaining it. If you are thinking, how are we able to see, to hear, to think, to percieve, then this is why and how. We were programmed by natual selection to think that we are percieving, and think thoughts that we are, we are even programed to think that we are thinking, and it goes so deep that we are programed to think that we are aware and have a consciousness. The reason certain sentences in even this article may imply free will is because the concept of free will is deeply embeded into humans that we built our whole society around that concept: the english this article is written in so deeply embeds and cherishes the concept of free will that you just cant avoid accidentaly implying it. And also, since we were all raised up under the concept and it is what humans were programmed to initialy think, it is impossible for anyone to avoid even implying it accidentaly.

In conclusion, Law Of Conservation Of Energy states that we have no free will. Rather it is merely a perception like consciousness that exists becuase it is programmed into our DNA to think that way. And, all of reality has and always will be on all infinite axes be pre-decided to play out in only 1 way. I hope that that this has been an eye-opening article, and I hope this article makes a difference by helping us (humans) realize the truth about the deception we initialy believe with every fiber of our being.