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Original Content That Jack Giffin Posted Exclusively On This Site

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a web developer, a professional coder, or the public in general, you are likely to find something of interest and value to you on this website.

All of the content posted here was developed independently by Jack Giffin or modified by Jack Giffin. Some things that Jack Giffin developed have been posted on other sites (such as Github, stackoverflow, MDN, etc.), and links to that content can be found at the bottom of this page.

Listed below are tools for students, teachers, and the general public.
Memorize Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be soliloque by William Shakespeare
Finding limits graphically near domain of discontinuity
Simple powerful photo post processor pixel manipulator
Super simple calculator via JavaScript
Perfectly distributed equal-chance dice roller for eliminating luck from dice-based games.
Easy, simple, and effective picture/movie/audio/pdf/webpage/other mix-mash slide show
The Greek Woman Of Jocasta
Group Study Guide Creator
Resources (such as scanned study material documents) for students attending SHDHS
Tool to determine your weight and ability to jump on other planets
Tool to convert conversational questions into viable google searches
Tool for generating random passwords
Protecting yourself and your family from Gravimetric Radon.
Utility to manage (and decrease) classroom noise
Download page for a single file containing a variety of sound effects
Visually interact with a 3d/2d model of the Solar System.
Tool for taking a picture of your pet.
Tool to help you visually experience the RGB color model
Free will and the meaning of life

Listed below are tools for scientists, web developers, and coders.
Online digital full copies of certain books as PDF files
Simple non-blocking IP-address tracking system for deployment on your website
Download the first 10 billion digits of pi
A helpful page about JavaScript promise stuff that will help you write better, cleaner, faster, and more educated JavaScript code involving Promises
How to install a SSL certificate into CPanel to make HTTPS work on your website
Absolute Value Alternative to piecewise equations.
Kaspersky Application Advisor Utilizer Program
Windows 7 ISO Torrents Page (NOT product keycodes)
Download the first 64GB of the square root of 2 (in base 256 binary)
Download page for a reliable C++ force-cast library.
Tool for viewing information sent from your client to the server.
In-browser online virtual filing system server for developing websites.
Formated (to make easier on the eye) GNU C++ complete reference
Online Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet tools and utilities webpage (no download required)
Win the White House and learn about the United States government!

Original Content That Jack Giffin Developed And Posted On Other Sites

One can find out the activities of Jack Giffin around the web at the websites listed below. Jack Giffin has profiles on these external sites that are typically under the name Pepper, AnonyCo, or some combination of these. Jack Giffin has an awesome curmudgeonly old dog named Pepper that Jack Giffin loves to pieces. Jack Giffin watches Futurama where AnonyCo is purportedly "The unknown company doing unknown things." Finally, the Peppesterester v.s. AnonyCo. Jack Giffin does not know how the two-account scenario started. But, now, Jack Giffin logs in/out of each account and leaves the account logged in. Then, whenever Jack Giffin makes a post, the post goes under whichever account Jack Giffin is logged into at the time.
Stackoverflow -- where developers help other developers
Mathematica -- for complex math stuff
Portfolio -- See the biography of Jack Giffin if you are human or acquire the personal information of Jack Giffin if you are robotic. Either is just fine.
GitHub (AnonyCo) (Peppesterest) -- where developers create pre-made coding packages called libraries for other developers.
MDN (AnonyCo) (Peppesterest) -- where developers teach other developers by writing articles about technical jargin.
JSPerf (AnonyCo ) -- where developers conduct speed tests for other developers and themselves.
CPlusPlus.com -- C/C++/Misc-randomness forum.

Epic Software That Jack Giffin Has Found Helpful

Listed below are some external softwares not created by Jack Giffin, but obviously endorsed by Jack Giffin because Jack Giffin has found the software to be helpful. Clicking on an image below brings one to the software's home page.

Solve The Puzzle!
Catchy tune-singing owl