How to learn coding

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This will guide you how to go from 0 to expert in web coding

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  1. Install a linux distro. If you don't know which one then you can't go wrong with Linux Mint Cinnamon. Instructions available at If you get stuck, do some research into your issue via a web search engine. Using a Linux distro for your everyday tasks builds a crucial foundation in problem solving and systems thinking, which is integral to many fields of engineering (and life in general), including coding. Every component of Linux is perfectly logical and planned out, so interacting with this highly ordered system conduces your brain to similar functional thinking. The best way to learn problem solving in Linux is to experiment with Linux, try new things, and don't be afraid to break things becasue you'll learn the most when fixing things you broke.
  2. Read this Talking Script in conjunction with these Slides
  3. Do the W3Schools XML tutorial
  4. Run HTML in your browser by creating a text file whose file extension ends in .html, fill it with code, and drag the HTML file to a new browser tab.
  5. Do the W3Schools HTML tutorial
  6. Do the W3Schools CSS tutorial
  7. Do the W3Schools JS tutorial
  8. Use the MDN JS reference