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Study Compilation Of Audio Files For ENED

Audios of the various videos for ENED class are available below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the targeted memory reactivation suite.

Targeted Memory Reactivation Suite (Does Not Work In Safari On Apple iOS Phones)

Targeted memory reactivation, which is sometimes mistaken for sleep-learning or hypnop├Ždia, is the process of exposing a sleeping person to a familiar input, which in this case is the ENED test material. TMR can stengthen short term reccollection of the familar input and can keeps the familiar input fresh in your mind.

The utility below will play the select audio files on repeat after a set period of time. First, use the checkboxes to select which modules you want repeated throughout the night and use the bubble to select which module to start at. Next, disable sleep in the power settings of the control panel in either Linux, MacOS, Haiku, Solaris, BSD, ReactOS, or Windows. Then, set the timer to how long you feel it will take you to get to deep sleep, start the timer, and go to bed. It's that simple.

Warnings and notices: (1.) Be forewarned that Jack is not responsible for any dreams of ENED if you use this utility. (2.) Notice that PMR can only strengthen existing memories. The concept of learning new material during sleep is complete science fiction and it will not work. You can use PMR to reduce the amount of studing you need to do, but you cannot use PMR in place of all studying. (3.) Lastly, notice that all studies about PMR point to one conclusive fact: the efficacy of PMR varys from person to person and from night to night.

Select which audios to play on repeat

Delay Timer

The audios will start playing after the timer reaches zero, so use this time to get to sleep. You can also enter your own values for the timer. Set all boxes to 00 and click Start to have it start playing immediately.

Enter time in hh:mm:ss    :  :